Top 5 Personal Finance Books Every Investor Should Read

Considered a classic, this book offers timeless wisdom on value investing and provides a foundation for understanding market behavior and long-term investing strategie

Malkiel challenges conventional investment strategies, advocating for a passive approach and explaining the concept of efficient market

This book presents personal finance through storytelling, highlighting the differences in financial thinking between two fathers and sharing valuable lessons on wealth creation and financial independence

This classic self-help book emphasizes the power of positive thinking and a strong mindset in achieving financial succe

The authors explore the habits and characteristics of ordinary individuals who have accumulated significant wealth, providing insights into building wealth through disciplined saving and frugal living

Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Group, champions index investing, offering a simple and low-cost approach to building wealth through broad-market index fund

This collection of Buffett's shareholder letters and essays provides valuable insights into the investing principles and strategies of one of the world's most successful investor